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Lottolab_copyReally exciting stuff. My friend and colleague Norma Rosso has put me in touch with a scientist called Beau Lotto (click on the link to visit his website). His work and studies revolves around the way we perceive the things around us.
He is currently developing a project at London’s Science Museum and creating a space called the Lottolab Centre, where young people and adults can understand more about what it means to be a scientist and the excitement about asking (right and wrong) questions.
Of all the collections on display at the science museum, which includes lifesize space rockets and the original Apollo 11 capsule (you can see I was born in 1969!), it’s the first time they are creating a section actually devoted to the scientific mind and what inspires or influences individuals to embark on a scientific path/career.
My job is to make a film about the project, so filming started last Tuesday and will continue for sometime until just before Christmas.


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