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Grey Matter (Matière Grise) has had an overwhelming response at the Tribeca Film Festival. The two screenings I attended were completed sold out, which was fantastic and the reactions were very positive indeed.

I arrived from London via Boston and stayed bang in the middle of the action in West 15th Street with 7th Ave.

The first night there I just went out for a pizza and needed an early night before the big D, our World Premiere at the Clearview cinemas in Tribeca.

The next day I met up with Kivu and the producer Dominic from Scarab films. We agreed by consensus that it would be better to dress as smartly as we could. And I think we were kind of right because once we got to the cinemas, we were ushered by security up the escalators and straight onto the red carpet to face a barrage of cameras and flashes. Here’s a video made by the festival, including an interview I shot in Kigali with the director Kivu Ruhorahoza:

The world premiere was completely sold out and after we had a Q&A with the director. It was a very moving experience to watch thing on the big screen. And since then there have been a number of good write-ups on the press. Here are two:

The New York Times

The New Yorker

And today I found this on the Euronews website.

First we see one of the films with Keira Knightley, then our movie. It really feels all a bit surreal. But no doubt a very promising run in what is a festival with a international reputation, now celebrating its tenth anniversary since it was founded by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro (one of my all time favourite actors) and Craig Hatkoff.

Another thing that was absolutely incredible is how the festival is being hosted online. It has a very direct link with virtual audiences. I know this because I have become one myself, now that I am back in London.
Yesterday, I logged on to the festival’s website to watch the live streaming of a talk with Alec Baldwin interviewing the director Doug Liman. The talk started with an introduction thanking the streamers as well as audiences, so we really felt counted even though we weren’t there physically. The guys at Tribeca were also chatting live with us and we could comment all the way through the talk. Very, very interactive experience. I even invited my friends on Facebook to attend. It was that crazy. I really do believe this sets a precedent in the use of social networks and live streaming, really amazing stuff. Thumbs up to the Tribeca Festival. I met such wonderful people there. I think I could see myself living in New York city.
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