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A hybrid film set in London by a Rwandan director, about a mysterious Nigerian man, his mixed race British lover and the lover’s white husband set against a backdrop of increasing social and racial tension.

Director Kivu Ruhorahoza (Grey Matter) decides to film his new movie, A Tree Has Fallen, in London. It’s to be a stylish drama set in the UK about a fatal three-way relationship between the Nigerian asylum seeker Simon (played by Oris Erhuero), a British woman (Lisa Moorish) and her ex (Matt Ray Brown). After his death, Simon appears to the ex as a ghost to tell his story, demanding a presence that was denied him as an asylum seeker.

The scenes between the two lovers, the two exes and two rivals increasingly relate to the disparities between Africa and Europe. These fictional scenes are intercut with documentary footage of demonstrations in London: against Trump, for or against Brexit, far-right disturbances and climate protests, as well as festivities for the LGBT Pride parade.

In this hybrid film, Ruhorahoza talks in voiceover about his own experiences on the European continent. His stay in Europe becomes increasingly uncertain with each deeper layer of his metanarrative.


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