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Great news! The film Matière Grise has made it to the Tribeca International Film Festival in New York. This is great as I know it has been a very difficult journey for the director. This feature film follows a group of young people as they come to terms with their lives after the Rwandan genocide. Kivu Ruhorahoza is one of the most exciting young directors currently producing work in the African continent. This is his debute feature film and his short films have been acclaimed at some of the leading festivals across the world. The film was entirely shot on location in Rwanda. I worked as editor and assembled a first cut with the director during his time spent here in London.


Brilliant news! The director of ‘Matière Grise’, Kivu wants me to go to Kigali in Rwanda to cut the film with him. This will be to assemble the final cut of the film before it is sent to TriBeCa Film Festival.

So I’ve just had my jabs this morning, I’ve got my ticket and will be flying out there this Friday for 10 days! Can’t wait.

I will be posting photos as and when I can.

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